⭐️Book Review⭐️ Molly and the Cat Cafe

In the fall I went to a used book sale and the cover of this book drew me in. As a cat and book lover, how could I not be pulled in by the cover featuring a cute kitten? This book is written by Melissa Daley and is a cute story about a cat looking for a new home. The story is narrated through the perspective of the cat, which for me it was weird as I’m not used to reading a book from the perspective of an animal. But as I read on, I found the story to be a warm hearted, if simple one. The story follows a cat who is rehomed after her owner can no longer care for her and who then finds herself a street cat. That is, until a struggling cafe owner takes pity on her and takes her in. It’s a very lighthearted book with some drama thrown in and though not a deep book by any means, it’s a decent read for a cold winter day and I am glad I read it. For those who like those cheesy hallmark movies, you will likely like this book. It’s a wholesome and feel good read. ❤️ Not sure if I’ll read the follow up book or not though. I just didn’t like it enough to be excited about another installment. Please follow my blog if you haven’t already and happy reading and thanks for the support! Book review 3/5 ⭐️

New books!

I’m almost back to normal after dealing with COVID. I got myself some new books thanks to gift cards I got for Christmas. I certainly prefer shopping at my local indie bookshop but since I was home bound and couldn’t go anywhere, I went with Amazon 🤷‍♀️. I can’t wait to read the next installments of these series I’ve previously blogged about 😊 Happy reading!

My favorite books of 2021

As I recover from COVID, I’m a little restless and bored and though we are already into 2022, I thought it would be fun to share my fave reads of last year. I was fortunate not to have many books that I disliked but am glad for the good ones. And here they are in no particular order. I won’t review them here as I’ve already done reviews for them so feel free to look back through my older posts for my take on these books 📚 Happy reading! 😊

On extended staycation……Covid has gotten me 😷 Also, book memes!

It looks like I have some extra reading time this week as I’ve been under the weather for a week. Went to the doc after trading through work for a couple of days and got a covid test done and yesterday it came back positive. Sooooo in the mean time I’m trying to be upbeat and get better and of course get some reading done. I had already gotten this upcoming week off for PTO but now I’m stuck at home and can’t go anywhere for some time. Annoying that I got this for my vacation. Lol I’ll post some memes of course 😉 Happy reading!

⭐️Book Review⭐️—— City of Time and Magic

Some time ago, I blogged about a wonderful series called the Found Things series by Paula Brackston. The series is about a young woman who learns she can travel through time, using various antiques that “sing” to her. With each book, she meets new people, finds herself in all kinds of adventures and eventually brings some of her loved ones in the 21st century into learning of her secret talent. This newest installment is as exciting and as whimsical as the previous ones, all weaving together to form a grand epic. Here in book 4, Xanthe (the heroine of the Found Things series) learns of a betrayal from a character from earlier in the series that threatens her happy life she had worked so hard for in the modern age and so much go back in time to stop those who threaten her and her loved ones. And as a special treat, this book crosses over with characters from Brackstons’ other series (The Witches’ Daughter). I highly recommend this series for fans of Outlander. This series is far tamer and not as complex as the Outlander series however, so perhaps that’s why I prefer this series over Outlander. Anyway, my book rating for this one is 4/5 ⭐️ Thanks for reading!

Holiday happiness

Hope everyone had a safe and healthy Christmas. I enjoyed a lot of family time as we ate, drank and played games. It was lovely ❤️ As we gear up for New Years, I’m thankful for the support my little blog has gotten and I thank you all. This is my current read and with a well deserved week off coming up for me soon, I definitely have plans to catch up on my reading! 📕

⭐️Book review⭐️—— The Wolf

I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward and she has crafted a supernatural world that is quite massive and impressive. From the main BDB book series, there has been several spin off books and The Wolf is the second of the Prison Camp series. Though we do see some of the BDB characters in this book, it’s mostly focused on a half vampire half werewolf named Lucas. The same formula is in this series as is in the BDB—— boy meets and falls for girl, fighting the forces of evil. But Ward is always able to make a simple, common formula and make it different and unexpected. That being said, I didn’t love this book. I really did want to but it’s still better than any of the Twilight books for sure 😝 I think I simply prefer the regular and main BDB series. For those unfamiliar with any of these books, be warned there is a lot of spicy scenes in these books. 🔥 I am glad that I do read the other series even if I don’t like them as much as the main series. But I applaud Ward’s efforts and work on crafting this world. To write spin off series to an already long running main series is impressive! Book review 2/5⭐️ Thanks for reading!